Musical Bugs
Concentrate on the sequence of lights and sounds then attempt to copy the sequence.
Treasure Hunt
Collect the gold before time runs out.
Galaxy Stones
Remove the colored gems from the play grid. Every time you clear a level, play advances with an even more difficult play grid.
Jumping Jellybeans!
How long can you keep your jellybean from being eaten by the hungry piranhas?
Air Hockey
Classic Air Hockey played in the classic style. How fast are you? You have to be fast to beat the computer.
Racing Game
High speed racing in a cool car - what more could you ask for? Can you work the hand break around the corners and get the fastest time? Play it now and see.
Memory Game
Flip the cards and make a match. It's that easy. How fast can you make the match? What is your best time?
Bear Crossing
Bear Crossing is a classic frogger type game. Get the bear across the street and over the river to the honey. It's tougher than it looks.
Water Balloon Toss
The squirrels have invaded the tree house. You must defend it with water balloons. Are you a good shot?
4 In A Row
A classic game of strategy. Can you get four in a row before Dan does? Out smart him and play to your highest level.
Build A Church
Build and design your own church. Start with the base structure then add color, trees, bushes and clouds. Then print out your master piece. Have some fun.
Madugu Driving
Driving in the African jungle is just what Madugu loves to do. This is the famous driving game taken from the Expedition to Africa Adventure. How good are your driving skills?
Mini Golf
This is an exciting 3 hole mini golf game. Can you get a hole in one? Play Now.
Featured Game
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