Backyard Parables
Hear two more exciting parables: The Ten Bridesmaids and The Talents
Devotional Videos
These videos will help you learn things about God that maybe you have wondered about. Check back regularly for new additions!
Advent Calendar 2014
Before Christmas, Christians often celebrate "Advent", which is a time to reflect on the coming of Jesus to earth to save His people from their sins. Enjoy the activities in this calendar, and rejoice in Jesus' birth!
Follow Me
Watch these exciting stories to learn how to follow God better!
Learn how God worked through Queen Esther to save his people!
Life of Christ 1
Hear the wonderful story of how Jesus came to earth and then started his earthly ministry!
Do You Wonder Why?
Do you ever wonder why bad things happen in our world? Find answers to tough questions in this video.
Feldner's Lab
Watch this zany scientist perform some mind-boggling experiments that help you learn more about God!
Jesus: My Savior And Friend
Hear the exciting story of how Jesus is your Savior and friend.
Learn about the parables of the Lord Jesus with Rex the Wonder Dog!
Music Videos
All NEW SONGS! Learn God's Word and a fun tune at the same time!
Jesus Film
Check out our new full-length movie for kids!
God Cares When Children Are Sad
Watch these stories to know how God cares for you when you get sad.
Life of Daniel
See the exciting story of Daniel.
Truth Chasers Club - Get In On It!
Get in the club today!
Life of Joseph
Watch these videos about the life of Joseph, and how he lived for God.
Life of Elisha
Hear the exciting story of Elisha
Life of Elijah
Hear the exciting story of Elijah
Color Zone
Color your way to Wonderzone bliss.
Truth Chasers Club
Do you enjoy getting mail? Do you enjoy learning more about God? Then the Truth Chasers Club is for you!
Daily Devotional
Have your devotions every day right here on Wonderzone. There is a cool devotion for everyday of the year. So start your day off in God's Word right here on Wonderzone.
Questions & Answers
Real answers for real kids on!
Bible Reading Club
Join the Bible Reading Club and spend time with God each day!
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Prayer Blog
Here is your chance to blog it out right here on Wonderzone. Record your thoughts after a terrific devotional, or just write down some of the awesome things God is doing in your life.
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